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Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Listen carefully to this Doctor.  Play this video a couple or even three times.  There's a lot of great information about treating Celiac Disease, and all autoimmune diseases, with a natural approach to diagnosis and treatment. NO DRUGS.  NO SURGERY APPROACH.  ALL NATURAL.  Believe it or not, there is a growing number of people being treated naturally and going into complete remission without drugs or surgery.  Could you be one of the future success stories?  If other, lots of different people are finding success, Why Not You?

Treating Crohn's with naturopathic remedies.  Some more good information to follow up on, including fecal transplants and possible benefits of the CBD component of cannabis.

Excellent overview of a naturopathic treatment for Crohn's Disease.  Although I have never met Dr. Rojo, featured here, I have drawn the same conclusions during my journey and have seen complete remission from my Ulcerative Colitis and I've been symptom free since 2001.  Whole organic foods, specific supplementation, and clean pure water to drink, have been part of my protocol and I credit my success to naturopathic alternatives to modern medicine.  May you be inspired to find your own balance.  I found mine; I believe you can find yours!

An inspriational testimonial from a young man who discovered a natural treatment for his Crohn's Disease.  If he can do it, maybe you can too.  No promises, of course, but if all you have to do is eat real food?  I know.  It sounds too easy, doesn't it?  And we all know it can't be that easy, right?  However, if this young man is an exception, maybe you can be an exception, too.

An impassioned and inspiring testimonial about what this young man did to eliminate symptoms of his Crohn's Disease.  There are many natural approaches that people are seeking and finding success with.  I hope you're one of the success stories!

An earnest testimonial.  There are those who are seeing success with a nutrition-based approach to treating their IBD diagnosis of  Ulcerative Colitis or Crohn's Disease.  Why not YOU?  Find your answer with more dogged research.  You're not finished fighting this fight!  The answers were out there for me; I believe they are out there for you.

Another heart-felt testimonial on how a vegan diet contributed to her healing process.  Discusses Dr. McDougall and how he's helped her.  Inspirational!  If this approach helped her, why not YOU?  Like she says, What have you got to lose??  Oh, right.  The pain.

More inspiration for your journey


An excellent overview of nutrition, digestion and how we truly are what we eat.  Covers a ton of great information with charts and graphs that you can 'pause' to study.  Entertaining, funny (but not so funny, if you know what I mean), and worth viewing more than once!  Bottom line: Go organic and don't ever buy GMO crops...EVER.  Freaky fact: chicken nuggets from those golden arches are over 50% GMO CORN!

A quick overview of the specific nutritional steps that IBD Crohn's sufferers can take to manage their symptoms.