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Thursday, October 24, 2013



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I have breakfast to start the day, but I don't always have a lunch.

I'm what you call a grazer.

However, when I do sit down, here's a little sample of what I eat.


Prep Time: Maybe 3 minutes?

No, silly, the tuna isn't green. I just like to visualize greens in my meals.

My local market carries wild caught tuna in cans (TUNA: MERCURY and ALLERGEN ALERT!)

The wild caught tuna is chunkier and has a pop-top can.

Open the can of tuna.
With a fork, separate the solid chunk into smaller, chunky pieces
Grab a fistful of your favorite greens and throw them on a plate.
I always choose organic baby spinach or a spring greens salad mix.
Fork the tuna from the can onto the center of your greens.
Whenever possible, add chunks, slices, or a half of an avocado!
Add a dollop of mustard or mayo or plain Greek yogurt anywhere on the plate.
Sprinkle with dill.
As you eat, gently fork a mouthful of deliciousness, dip in the dollops of your choice.
With your fork, stab some tuna and greens, dip in a dollop of mayo/mustard/yogurt...

plants, protein, Omega 3's (EFA's) prebiotics, and micronutrients...delicious!


Prep time: 3 minutes

Use a medium or large avocado.
Cut avocado in half, keeping the pitted half to eat.
Seal the other half in plastic and place in the fridge.
Add a spoonful of already made tuna to the center of the avocado.
Add a dollop of yogurt, dill on top.
Spoon into your open mouth and enjoy!


When it comes to fruits and veggies, eat all the colors of the rainbow!

I love fresh bell peppers: Red, Green, Yellow, and Orange

GOOD NEWS: You can find peppers sliced and frozen, too!

Here's how I prepare them:
Wash and slice four medium to large fresh bell peppers, cleaning out the seeds.
Heat the oven to 400 degrees (bake or broil is fine).
Cover a large cookie pan with tin foil.
Spray canola oil or coconut oil onto the tin foil.
Spread the bell peppers evenly on the tin foil.
Place the cookie pan with the fresh sliced bell peppers in the oven.
Cook for 15-20 minutes or so.
Check often and don't worry if the skins burn a little bit.
Remove from oven, let them sit to cool for 5 minutes.
Place all the slices of peppers in a medium size recloseable container.
Place in fridge.
Eat all the peppers within a week for best flavor.
Add peppers to eggs, tuna, chicken dishes.
Come to think of it, they go with breakfast, lunch or dinner.


Follow the 'Rainbow of Peppers' directions.

Use any combination of your favorite veggies.
Prepare as above.
Add some spices like dill, salt, pepper, garlic powder, chopped onions.
Place in oven at 400 degrees.
Keep your eye on the cooking. Remove after 15-20 minutes.
Allow to cool and plunk them in your favorite recloseable container.
Use throughout the week. Add to eggs, tuna, chicken, fish, beef
Snack on them daily.