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Sunday, October 20, 2013



We now have agricultural scientists working for companies who are patenting scientifically altered and genetically modified seeds and fish. Companies large and small want to patent and own their company's creation of genetically modified seeds and now fish that they've created. Farmers planting these crops have just been told by the courts in the U.S. that they can't breed their own seeds from the seeds they have bought from this or any company creating these organisms. Farmers have to continue buying a new stock of seeds every growing season. It's against the law for them not to and farmers therefore can only use this company's seeds. They must buy their seeds from the company store, so to speak.

These seeds are unique in that nature left it to scientists to create a "better" seed. Corn and soy are two of these crops that are being genetically modified. As to the health consequences of eating scientifically altered, genetically modified food, no one really knows. It could be just fine, I don't know. There is at least one observation that bees are also averse to these new crops for some reason and some people have concluded that honey bees - needed for pollination - are treating these new crops as biological deserts.

These new seeds are bred to be resistant to pesticides; coincidentally, one company's own brand. My limited understanding is that the crop doesn't die as a result of being treated with the pesticides, only the infestation is prevented. It is theorized that the bees, just doing their beezness, so to speak, are impacted by the crops systemic pesticides.

Scientists are also working on making crops more drought resistant through chemistry.

In a similar way, scientists have created the current type of wheat we eat, called dwarf wheat. It isn't our ancestor's wheat, mind you, it's a modern incarnation and invention of a grain that didn't exist until we made it in a lab. The ancient grain is no longer a part of our food choices. Dwarf wheat was bred to be shorter in stature than the ancient wheat, grow faster, get harvested more quickly, and repeat. On top of that crop invention, we then pulverize the grain, add back some vitamins and minerals and even more gluten in some cases, and then we form stuff, put in a box and call it food. Just look around you (or is that 'a round you') and you'll see what I'm talking about. We're eating more dead food than our bodies can metabolize safely. We've become a danger to ourselves, methinks.