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Excellent overview of the research on veggies and their various cancer-fighting properties.  Not all veggies are created equal!  Knowledge is empowerment

Dr. Mercola talks about drinking pure, clean water and organic hibiscus tea as alternatives to drinking soda and fruit juice.  Hibiscus tea has the greatest antioxidant power of all teas tested so far, even greater than green tea!


Please Note: These are some of the foods I use and the recipes I make from them.
This is only what works for me. Be aware of any and all items you're allergic to before attempting any recipes for yourself. Also, simply removing the ingredient may be easy as it may not affect the rest of the dish's recipe, it just takes away one of the flavors. Always know thyself.


Cook your your scrambled or fried eggs thoroughly and always set your burner to LOW. The lowest setting. Think: Gentle heat, slow even cooking.
A good visual.

If you happen to be in the middle of another annoying flareup, look to the baby food aisle in your favorite supermarket. There are a lot of organic choices available in most major market chains. Use baby food as part of the recipe for easy-on-your-tummy smoothies. Use chamomile tea and aloe vera juice, too. Smoothie up some veggies, with purified water or chamomile tea, add some seasoning and voila! Soup! Just heat it on low for a few minutes.


"Chocolate and Honey Banana Split"

This is a plant, protein, probiotic powerhouse. Gut Lovin' Guaranteed!

One large banana
Slice into individual pieces or split lengthwise into a serving bowl
Add 2-3 dollops of frozen or refrigerated Greek yogurt (Allergan alert!)
Add your favorite nut butter (Allergan Alert!) and/or whole seeds and nuts. (Allergen alert!)
I like pnut butter (Allergan Alert!), whole or crushed almonds and pistacios, chia seed, hemp seed, and sunflower seeds.
Sprinkle a little cinnamon
Drizzle little honey on top of that
Next, crush or grate one or two chunks of 72% Dark Chocolate for the final topping
I recommend dark chocolate with a 72% cacao content or higher
And then as a final final option: A sprinkle of 100% organic cacao powder on top of it all, just enough for taste.

Ready, set, mix it up and spoon! And, just TRY to keep this a secret from the kids ... not !

Banana splits in the morning? I'm getting up early!!

And, with the nut proteins, you won't be hungry until lunch.
Great for staying sharp in the morning, even without coffee!

I'M NUTS ABOUT BANANA PANCAKES! - the absolute easiest way to make pancakes, without a speck of flour!

One medium to large banana
In a bowl, slice and moosh the banana
Thoroughly blend two large eggs in a separate bowl
Add a little vanilla and cinnamon to the egg mixture
Add some hemp seeds or chia seeds or flax seeds to the mix
Add the egg mixture to the mooshed bananas and blend thoroughly
Preheat a griddle to 350 degrees or heat up a medium or large pan on the stove
Land dollops of the egg-banana mixture onto the griddle.
Serve with honey, cinnamon, sliced blueberries, bananas, papaya, or kiwi
Drizzle some pure maple syrup
Add a sprinkle of coconut sugar
Splash your favorite nut mixture, chia seeds, flax seeds, or hemp seeds on top


"Papaya Paradise"

One papaya, medium or large size
Cut in half, lengthwise
Wrap one half in food plastic and put it back in the fridge for tomorrow.
Spoon out and dispose of the little round slimey black seeds. Look carefully. They like to hide.

Just like this, your papaya, an antiinflammatory probiotic powerhouse of digestive smoothness, is ready to eat.

But I like to add stuff.
Banana, pineapple chunks, mango, blueberries, cherries, whatever fruit you like.
Add a dollop or two of Greek frozen or refrigerated yogurt
Drizzle some honey and cinnamon and crushed almonds on top

Probiotic Paradise in a Papaya! Your tummy will thank you!

"The Perfect 'You're a Genius!' Hard-Boiled Egg"

I make my hard boiled eggs a dozen or more at a time. Always a great snack for me, anytime of day.

Fill a sauce pan about 2/3 with water, enough to cover the eggs.
Add your dozen or so eggs, gently, into the saucepan, making sure you still have enough water to just cover the eggs. Place a cover on your sauce pan.
Turn on your burner and set to LOW. This will ensure the cool water and the cool eggs don't heat up too fast. I the eggs heat up too fast, they crack. Be patient, slow and easy.

Bring the water to a boil and boil the eggs for one minute.
After one minute, turn off the burner.
Let the eggs sit in the hot water for 15 more minutes
During this time, in a large bowl, prepare an ice bath for the eggs.
After 15 minutes, place the hard boiled eggs in the ice bath for 5-10 minutes, until cooled
Remove the eggs from the ice bath, dry them off and lace eggs in a bowl in the refrigerator

12 automatic snacks.

"Green Eggs" (EGGS: Allergen Alert!)

Whenever I have scrambled eggs or an omelet, I always throw in an overflowing handful of greens or plants first.
In a saucepan, with heat on LOW, melt a dollop of 100% Organic Pure Unrefined, Extra Virgin, Cold Pressed Coconut Oil.
You can substitute the coconut oil with canola spray, if you like.
As the oil is heating, add a handful of your favorite greens:
Spinach and kale and broccoli flower tops are my favorites.
On the side, in another bowl, whisk two eggs and blend them together
When the greens have kind of melted into each other and have turned dark green,
Add the blended eggs and stir gently with a spatula designed for high heat cooking.
When the eggs are firm, sprinkle on a little shredded cheese
Gently fold the egg dish onto your breakfast plate.

And there you have it, "Green Eggs"

Here's a variation on the "Green Eggs" recipe that I also use a lot.

"Green Eggs and Holy GuacaMoly!" Now it becomes an egg, protein, probiotic blast.

In a saucepan, with heat on LOW, melt a dollop of 100% Organic Pure Unrefined, Extra Virgin, Cold Pressed Coconut Oil.
You can substitute the coconut oil with canola spray, if you have that.
As the oil is heating, add a handful of your favorite greens and plants.

This is where you can go a little crazy because there's no limit on the amount of greens or plants you can eat.
Spinach, kale, mushrooms, jalapenos, broccoli flowertops, fine-cut asparagus, shredded brussels sprouts,
artichoke hearts, green/red/yellow peppers, thin sliced/shredded zuchini or banana squash.
Green, white, sweet or red onions and garlic. Throw in whatever you like!

The veggies in your pan will soften and melt together with the oil.
I'll add a tiny bit of salt, pepper and powdered garlic and onion to taste. Add the spices you like.

I will often add a little organic chicken sausage, ground turkey or ground beef.
I cut the sausage into little pieces and I like my ground meat to be in small pieces too.
Gently stir and blend the ingredients so all the flavors are melded together.

When everything has been cooking for a little bit and the sliced sausage is browning
I will add two smoothly beaten eggs. I just pour it in, using my spatula to get every last drop of egg.
With my spatula, I move the mixture around for a few minutes, adding a little more coconut oil if I need to.
When the eggs have cooked, I add some shredded cheese blend on top, letting it melt for a minute
Then I use my spatula to guide the meal onto my breakfast dish.

I will add dollops of guacamole that I've handmade with a little lemon, salt, pepper, and a sprinkle of garlic and onion.

I'll add dollops of wasabi mayonaise and mustard on the side of my plate as shmearing condiments.
I like it with a little kick.

"Avocado and Egg Salsa" (EGGS: Allergen Alert)

Use a small avocado or cut a large one in half.
Scoop the flesh into a mixing bowl
Add lemon juice from 1/4-1/3 of a lemon
Add a little salt and pepper
Sprinkle in a tiny pinch of garlic powder (to taste)
With a fork, moosh it all together until it's lumpy-creamy, guacamole-style
Gently fold in some finely chopped tomatoes, green chiles, mangoes, and fine-chopped onions to taste

With a spatula, scrape the guacamole into a soup bowl
In another bowl, take a hard boiled egg, remove the shell, slice it and crumble it up
Add a tiny dollop of mayo, mustard, or organic non-fat, plain (Greek) yogurt, salt and pepper to the hard boiled egg
Gently stir the ingredients so as to preserve the chunky yolk
Fold the hard boiled egg ingredients on top of the guacamole mixture
A little paprika on the top

Eat this with some carrots, celery or gluten-free veggie chips or rice cake

It also makes a great side dish, the perfect complement for fish or poultry or beef

"Cupcake Eggs"

These can be made two ways: Scrambled or sunny-side up.

"Scrambled Cupcake Eggs"

Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees
12-cup cupcake oven pan
12 paper cupcake liners
6-8 eggs
Scrambled in a large mixing bowl
Finely scissor or chop broccoli flower tops
Blend broccoli flower tops into scrambled eggs
Finely cut or crumble turkey bacon, ham, or chicken
Set the meat protein to the side for the moment
Maybe add a little green onion or garlic powder to taste
Maybe add a little salt and pepper, maybe not
Place paper cupcake liners one per cup in the pan
Pour the scrambled eggs and broccoli mixture into
each cup, filling each cup about half-way or so. The mixture
will rise during cooking and you'll want to make space for that.
If you fill it up too high, it will overflow the
cup and make a bigger mess.

To each cup, add your choice of protein.
As an additional option, I like to top it off with
a little shredded cheese, or feta cheese, or goat cheese.
Bake maybe 15 minutes
or until a toothpick test comes out clean

The first time, just keep checking.

When done, they can be served immediately
on a bed of quinoa and kale
or you can cool them in the fridge for
afternoon snacking. Nuke em for 15 seconds
and you're good to go!

"Sunny-Side Up Cupcake Eggs"

The easier version of the two, I think
Prepare the oven
Prepare the pan
Crack and plop one egg per cup in the pan
Add your veggie and meat, being careful
not to break the yolk if possible
Sprinkle your cheese on top as a final option
Bake for like 15 minutes or until a toothpick
comes out clean

HOT CEREALS - Insane in the Membrane Grains, Supergrains to soothe your soul and colon.

"Fire's Out!! Hot Cereal"

The easiest morning breakfast for me to digest when I had a flare-up would be hot cream of rice cereal with bananas or papaya and honey or blueberry or apricot jam as a sweetener. That's it. Every morning, easy breezy. Along with moderating and cooking everything for lunch and dinner, I would eventually calm down my system. Then I could add things, good things, back into my food choice menu. Like some of the following.

Now that Fall is officially here, a morning hot-shot shooter of whole grains can feed the good bacteria in your gut and keep you going all morning long. Even without coffee!

Here are some grains that may be new to you. These grains are naturally wheat-free and nutrient dense. I've had no digestive issues related to any of these grains. You might. Always consult a doctor before adding any new food choices into your life.


I whole-heartedly endorse the Earnest Eats brand of hot cereals. Check out Their product line can also be found and purchased at

First of all, what I like about the Earnest Eats brand of hot cereal, is they come in individual 2.35 oz, recyclable paper serving cups into which you pour your hot water, let it steep for a few minutes, and voila! It cooks in its own cup and is ready to eat. A hot-shot morning shooter of Supergrains . The only thing you have to get used to is the nutrient-dense mouth-feel of what real food used to feel and taste like to our ancestors. These are ancient grains, unrefined. Know that with every bite of a nutrient dense meal or snack moderates blood sugar spikes and keep the fires burning longer.
The other thing I like about Earnest Eats Asia Blend is that it also works well as a base for an even denser nutrient experience.

I will often add tiny bits (it's not a big cup) of banana or other fruit, chia seeds, hemp seeds, raw honey, 100% organic cacao powder, 72% dark chocolate or cinnamon before I add the hot water. It depends on the mood of my taste buds, but I like to add my own personal touch.

What I'm saying is, eat it right out of the cup, as is, or feel free to amp it up even more. Here's how it comes in the cup:

(Allergen Alert!) Earnest Eats is manufactured in a facility that
produces products that contain wheat, soy, eggs, milk, peanuts and tree nuts.

Earnest Eats Asia Blend (Allergen Alert!)

Instant Hot Cereal in a Cup.

Great for late morning starts
Make 'em in minutes
Great breakfast shot or afternoon snack
Make 'em in the morning and
let the kids eat hearty on the go

Never eat and drive yourself. Never.

Unless you're talking and sexting,
changing the channel, disciplining the
kids with the dog on your lap and a to-go latte
in your other hand. Then it's ok. For you
to get a ticket and arrested for intoxicated
behavior. Really, I'm just seeing if anyone is
paying attention.

Add banana and honey for extra nutrition!
The good gut bacteria LOVE bananas and fruit!

Superfood Grains (Whole Rolled Oats, Quinoa, Puffed Amaranth)
Dried Cane Syrup, Chopped Almonds, Dried Mango
Sesame Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Flax Seeds,
Matcha Green Tea, Korintje Cinnamon, Sea Salt.

Earnest Eats Mayan Blend (Allergen Alert!)

Wheat-free, Vegan blend, Zero sugars, 7g protein
14 oz cannister

5 minutes stove top; 90 seconds, microwave
You provide the cup and sweetener.

Superfood Grains (Whole Rolled Oats, Quinoa, Puffed Amaranth)
Raw Pepitas, Raw Sunflower Seeds, Cashew pieces,
Raw Chopped Almonds, Raw Flax Seeds, Unsweetened Natural Cocoa
Korintje Cinnamon, Sea Salt


I always try to buy organic when I can.

Chia Seed - antioxidant power, high in dietary fiber, vegetarian sourced EFA's
Hemp Seed - raw, shelled, high protein, omega 3's
Teff - Porridge recipe with dates and honey, zero sugars, 7g protein
Kamut - Easy to digest whole grain
Amaranth - An ancient Aztec grain, easy to digest

More to come...!