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Saturday, December 7, 2013


Michael Weiss has been there and done this.  PLEASE do your OWN homework, explore alternative approaches, and listen to Michael's story.  He is well-informed and up to date regarding medical treatment options for IBD.  Most important, if you follow his path, make sure your insurance company will cover the drug treatment your doctor recommends.  Remicade, for example, can run close to $5,000.00 (Five Thousand Dollars) per treatment.  They start you off with treatments every 8 weeks.   They did that with Michael and soon he was being treated every 4 weeks.  When the treatment stopped working, the doctors told him he had "outgrown" the medical treatment.  Be aware: Michael's story is a cautionary tale.  Knowledge is empowerment.  Be well, Michael!

Michael Weiss
Thanks for kind words and please spread the word re: the Video so that Crohn's patients better understand what they are getting into when their Doctor's recommend Biologics.  I am glad it is working out for you.  For me, apparently the value has not outweighed the cost because after a few years on Humira and Cimzia (after an anaphylactic reaction to Remicade), I developed a rare lung condition for which I needed chemotherapy to survive.  In 2011 it was diagnosed as "BOOP" but now they don't know what it is other than they all agree I have "necrotizing tissue" in my lungs - and that is very dangerous.  I will be starting Chemo soon and then going to some Respiratory Center in Denver for a 2nd opinion.  But, I did have a few Remission years from the Biologics so in looking back it is hard for me to opine on the value outweighing the cost as Crohn's is just a difficult disease and ....  This made it difficult to be evenhanded in the Video but I thought it was more important to be informative than it was to tell my story of dangerous side effects.  In any event, I wish you continued good luck on the Humira and please just pay careful attention to any Respiratory Changes you might go through as for me it started with more difficult cases of Bronchitis and then stubborn instances of Pneumonia and then atypical Pneumonia and then Fever "Attacks" of 105 without warning or provocation.  Just be vigilant.  I again thank you for the kind words and please pass along the video to others.  The URL is: